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Single session registration open

Dear conference participants,

Conference participants who will travel to Frankfurt (Oder) are obliged to register for the single panel sessions they want to visit during their stay at the conference. Legal regulations require that we store personal information (name and phone number OR e-mail address) of our participants visiting every single panel session. In the event of a COVID-19 case, this information is passed on to the authorities.

The single session registration is open from today until Oct. 4, 2020 and available in the panel details pages on the website borderingcultures.org. Please, plan your conference visit according to the daily program and register for the single panel sessions until Oct 4. For a smooth registration and further options of changing your conference schedule, we recommend to create a member's account with the website. This facilitates the single registration process immensely and gives you the opportunity to cancel single reservations.

Individual registrations are also required for keynote lectures, the welcome addresses, guided city tours, and all supporting program events except for the conference dinner which had to be booked and paid for separately. The registration links can be found here: https://www.borderingcultures.org/single-session-registration

Four weeks after the conference your personal information stored will be completely deleted, according to the Data Protection Regulations.

A step-by-step instruction for registering to individual panel sessions is attached to this e-mail and can be downloaded here: https://www.borderingcultures.org/single-session-registration

The lists of participants will be handed to the panel organizers or facilitators both via e-mail in the week of the conference and in person at the registration desk. We are kindly asking all panel organizers and facilitators to independently take care of having their list before their panel sessions.

Panel organizers and facilitators have to verify the single sessions registrations at the entrance of the lecture rooms and halls. Due to seat limitations in the lecture halls, we can only allow a certain number of participants for each panel. Empty, not reserved seats will be marked on the entry lists and can be filled with waiting persons on site. Please note that only for the conference registered participants can attend panel sessions - the registration is validated by the conference name tags.

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