In search of feelingful and actional approach: Multimodal translations of realities caught in violence and suffering

Snežana Stanković (Berlin), Marta Stojić Mitrović (Belgrad)

We live in a world where realities exist in agon(y) with each other through inequalities between people enjoying their freedom to move (walk, travel, stay at home, or leave home) and those people whose steps are blocked and confined to limited space. Borders rage through the world as they enlarge from cartographic lines, militant zones to the whole of spaces. Paradoxically, insecure journeys prove to be the most guarded (controlled) ones that for the sake of safety and the public administrative order often finish as detention and/ or deportation. Our panel explores this journey morphology by involving with lives and sites scarred by (forced) migration, deportation, detention and torture. The discussion draws on experiences from different parts of the world. By revolving around the question on how to deal with and transmit such realities, it pays close attention to several translational modalities. In this vein, we opt for a cross-road between humanities, arts and practical knowledge that arises from the experienced, feelingful and actional. Our aim is to reconsider the ways of dealing with spaces of violence and suffering (detention, deportation and torture) by questioning our selves and the possibilities of envisioning/ imagining, comprehension and – engagement.


Invited Migrants. Delineated Journeys of Yugoslav Gastarbeiter to Germany

Lumnije Jusufi (Berlin)

From (An)Other Perspective: Shifting the Gaze to the Perpetrators of Violent Mobility Regimes

Barak Kalir (Amsterdam)

The Nullification of Otherness: Lessons Learned

Luca Modenesi (St. Paul)

Co-Authorship as Multimodal Translation of Forced Migration. A Film from Gaza

Linda Paganelli (Berlin)