Border Languaging: Everyday (Pluri-) Linguistic Practices at the Border

Eva Nossem (Saarbrücken)


In our panel we strive to add a linguistic perspective to the conference by focusing on the interplay of borders and orders in conjunction with cultural studies. Seeing languages and borders as both ordering principles and socio-cultural practices, our panel aims to carve out the interwoven functioning mechanisms between languaging and b/orders. In examining the interplay of practices of language and b/orders, contributions from the field of linguistic Border Studies may prove fruitful on different scales, whether e.g. addressing questions of language policy and the construction of language borders/boundaries, linguistic dynamics of demarcation, criticism of nativeness, the discursive (re)production and (de)construction of borders, sociolinguistic (cross-)border analyses, or many other takes on every-day, political, and aesthetic linguistic practices.
This panel puts a special emphasis on practices involving plurilingual repertoires which challenge the (Western) ideologies of monolingualism and separate plurilingualism (cf. García & Wei 2014) and related linguistic-semiotic ordering mechanisms. We present submissions focusing on societal multilingualism and/or individual plurilingualism in relation to borders, as on

• Interlingual, intralingual, intersemiotic, interdiscursive, and embodied translanguaging (Baynham & Lee 2019) at the border,
• Language ideology and dynamics of exclusion,
• Performance of plurilingual repertoires at the border,
• Language policy and power relations,
• Translingualism, translingual activism (Cronin 2003), and translingual practice (Canagarajah 2013, 2014),
• Multilingualism from below (Pennycook & Otsuji 2015, cf. Cuvelier et al. 2010),
• Translating the border.

The panel language is English.


Transborder Literacies in an Embordered World

Mike Baynham (Leeds)

Accessing Healthcare across Borders: Linguistic Strategies Employed in Multilingual Cross-Border Healthcare Interactions in West Africa

Sewoenam Chachu, Nana Aba Appiah Amfo (Legon)

Language as a Practice of (Re)production and (De)construction of Borders in Poly-Cultural Divided Societies (on the Example of Georgia)

Olga Dorokhina

Virtual border crossing and plurilingual practices on social media

Marie-Louise Brunner, Stefan Diemer