(B)ordering Race, Nation, Diversity

Sektion Transkulturelle Lebenswelten (Giulia Pelillo-Hestermeyer, Heidelberg)


The panel will compare and discuss different dynamics of constructing and negotiating (b)orders with a particular focus upon the contrast between normative frameworks and transcultural life-world realities. In this context, the interplay between borders and orders manifests itself, on the one hand, in the restraining power of established (legislative, social, aesthetic, political...) norms which tent to homologize differences; on the other, in the potential of transcultural practices with respect to questioning and/or to resisting against hegemonic practices, thus opening spaces of emancipation. Moreover, the panel focuses on processes of exclusion and inclusion resulting from (b)ordering practices at the intersection between artistic, social, political and economic fields. Particular attention will be devoted to processes of exclusion and inclusion related to the (social, political, ...) construction of the intersectional identity marker of “race”, as well as of the categories of nation, ethnicity and diversity, and the (b)ordering power played, in this regard, by various institutions and/or agencies.


Fear of a Black Aesthetic Order: Girl Talk, Cultural Borders, and the Racial Politics of Mashups

Gilbert B. Rodman (Minneapolis)

Cartographies of Domination – Eutopias of Liberation: Rana Bishara’s Art Re-Imagining Borders

Tommaso M. Milani (Göteborg)

(B)Ordering Culture in Academia: What We Can Learn from the Study of Diversity

Giulia Pelillo-Hestermeyer (Heidelberg)